Sigal Chattah holding a microphone

Sigal Chattah

The Con

Financially Irresponsible,
Morally Corrupt

Sigal Chattah is a DUI attorney with a seedy past that you wouldn’t even hire as your OWN attorney – she has no business being Nevada’s Attorney General. Chattah’s work with DUI criminals makes her an expert in undermining the police, not supporting the innocent.

A Friend of Fraud

Sigal represented Former Court Judge Steven Jones, who was suspended without pay for his mishandling of a romantic relationship with the late Lisa Willardson. Later Jones was sentenced to 26 months in prison and was permanently disbarred after pleading guilty to a 3 million dollar investment fraud scheme. Her support of this Judge cost Nevada Taxpayers $183,300.00 dollars.1

by the FBI …

Chattah was the attorney for HOA scammer mastermind Leon Benzer that rocked the Las Vegas valley. Criticized in court, The Judge said “either shows an utter lack of understanding the law, or she’s trying to intimidate the association and the homeowners.”2

Sigal Chattah holding a microphone

It was further discovered that Chattah was the recipient of a stolen cashier’s check for $450,000 which led to the FBI investigating her.3

Aaron Ford Sigal Chattah holding a microphone

On the Wrong
Side of the Law …

Republicans are primed to defeat liberal Attorney General Aaron Ford who has been arrested four times and has little to no understanding of the law. Sigal Chattah is, however, Ford’s dream opponent, as she had three warrants for her arrest and spent her career defending DUI cases and domestic abusers.4, 5

Sigal Chattah holding a microphone next to Aaron Ford

She, too, has spent her adult life on the wrong side of the law.

Unpaid taxes and debt…

Chattah’s legal and personal issues go even beyond her arrest warrants. Chattah’s failure to pay sales taxes on her Pennsylvania Kabob restaurant has resulted in IRS problems. Chattah has also racked up liens on her home in Las Vegas, ironically for money she owes her HOA.6

Sigal Chattah holding a microphone

According to official records, she still has outstanding debt.7

Zero Credibility
in Court …

Even though Chattah filed various lawsuits to gain notoriety, her shoddy legal work got her case kicked out of court. What’s worse, the family that Chattah convinced to be used in her case are now being sued for legal fees.8

Sigal Chattah holding a microphone
Sigal Chattah holding a microphone Notepads

The District Court Judge said, “the complaint lacks any viable legal theory to support a plausible federal claim for relief, this case must be dismissed.”9

Sigal Chattah - All Hat and No Cattle
Can’t Win a Case in Court and Won’t Win for Nevadans

Sigal Chattah has a
history of racist remarks.

Referring to Aaron Ford she once said, “This guy should be hanging
from a (expletive) crane. He’s like the leader of (H)amas …”10

AG candidate says text calling for hanging Black incumbent was not racist news headline
Sigal Chattah signing paperwork at a desk

Sigal Chattah Just Another Aaron Ford.

Not What Nevada Needs.